6 Simple Things You Should Know How To Do Before Buying a House

6 Simple Things You Should Know How To Do Before Buying a House

6 Simple Things You Should Know How To Do Before Buying a House

When you buy your first home, especially if it is an older home, you are about to get a real education. There are things about homes, construction, and maintenance you probably couldn’t have imagined. There are some simple basics you should know, however, to give yourself a running head start. Here are 8 simple things everyone should know before purchasing their first home.

How to Change Furnace/AC Filters

Air filters are inexpensive and easy to change. For some reason, most homeowners don’t change them regularly, however, making the HVAC system inefficient. Filters should be changed at least twice annually.

Fix a Running Toilet

A running toilet is both annoying and can be a waste of water. It may be as simple as bending the rod that holds the float so it shuts off better, but even if you have to swap out the tank parts, it is not overly complicated. It is something you’ll likely encounter throughout your time as a homeowner.

The Right Way to Paint

Painting is one of the most impactful, cost-effective ways to improve a room if it is done properly. Every homeowner should know how to paint a room the right way.

Turn off the Main Water Valve

If you get a pipe leak in your home, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for the main shutoff valve. It is often at one of the four main exterior corners of the home. This one valve will stop water from flowing into your home, allowing you time to get repairs made.

Fixing a Clogged Drain/Toilet

While a plunger will frequently free clogs from drains and toilets, more severe clogs may take a wire snake. A small hand-held snake is designed for kitchen and bathroom sink drains. Your local big box store will have a hand-crank toilet snake to free severely clogged toilets. The toilet snake (at about $35) is still far cheaper than a visit from a plumber.

Get a Home Insurance Review

Like changing HVAC filters, getting a home insurance review is easy and should be done more often than most will actually do. When you contact one of our independent insurance agents, we will even do it for you for free!

Far too many homeowners forget or neglect their homeowners’ insurance. Don’t let it happen to you. Contact us to schedule your no obligation review and price quote today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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