Six Small Things About Cars and Driving Which You May Not Be Aware

Six Small Things About Cars and Driving Which You May Not Be Aware

Six Small Things About Cars and Driving Which You May Not Be Aware

Red means stop, green means go. If you run out of gas, your car will stop running. These are some of the big things everyone knows about driving and cars. But how familiar are you with the smaller, nuanced items? Here are six small things about cars and driving of which you may not be aware.

There is an arrow next to your fuel gauge. If you look at your car’s fuel gauge, you will notice a small arrow pointing to the right or left. Some are not even aware of its presence. This indicates which side of your car the filler tank for gas is located. It is particularly helpful when driving a rental or other unfamiliar vehicle.

Interstate route numbers indicate their location and direction. Interstates that run from north to south carry odd numbers, while east to west routes are even numbers. In addition, odd numbered routes get lower from east to west. For example, Route 95 runs along the Eastern U.S. coat while I-5 is in California. Even numbered routes get higher from south to north.

There are free services at chain auto parts stores. Many franchised auto parts stores will install items like batteries and wipers that are purchased there at no extra charge. They will also let you know what the codes indicate that are turning on your check engine light.

How long the white dashes are on a roadway. The spaced white lines on a roadway are longer than most people think. Most people think the lines are three to six feet long but they are actually ten feet in length. They are also spaced thirty feet apart. Most assume they are much shorter because of the speeds at which we experience them.

Your newer car collects tons of data. Some of this data is transmitted and some of it is stored onboard. If you connect your smartphone to your car, it can even access more. This can be problematic when you sell your car with some of your data stored on it.

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