Hurry! Cane you get away from the storm?

Hurry! Cane you get away from the storm?

Stormy weather warning sign

2017 was a record-breaking year for hurricanes, with about twenty named tropical storms, seven being hurricanes, and four being major hurricanes category 3-5. Last year having the most storms resulted in also being the costliest hurricane season in U.S. history. If last year’s hurricane season wasn’t bad enough, this year is predicted to be the same.

These hurricanes destroy lives—killing people and stripping them of their homes and automobiles—making the billions of dollars seem like nothing.

Why the increase in hurricanes? Hurricanes are the result of warm seawater and warm air combining and evaporating. So, if there are more hurricanes, which are a result of warmth, what could the increase be caused by? The answer is more warmth in our atmosphere and our seas, otherwise known as global warming.

Our atmosphere is warming up, causing our seas to warm up at higher latitudes, which creates more tropical storms and more intense hurricanes.

How will an increase in hurricanes affect us?

Hurricanes can kill humans. We can also be impacted indirectly by climate changes, and the same goes for animals that inhabit the land surrounding us. Hurricanes can destroy our crops and vegetation to produce more crops, impacting what we eat and how we retrieve our food. Homes can be destroyed—the place where we feel safe and hold our belongings can be wiped away by these beastly storms. In 2017, homes that affected by Hurricane Irma were also impacted by Hurricane Maria not long after. These costly storms are impacting lives around the globe. Prepare for this year’s hurricane season by ensuring your own life is safe, that’s the most important thing.

 By: KayLynn

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