Five Surprisingly Easy Home DIY Projects

Five Surprisingly Easy Home DIY Projects

Five Surprisingly Easy Home DIY Projects

We’ve all been there. That point when you need to make a decision on whether to pay someone to fix, replace or repair something around the house or attempt to take on the project yourself. Here are five projects around the house, however, you should never have to pay someone else to do.

Changing Your Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are inexpensive, easy to change and virtually foolproof. In fact, dollar for dollar, it is one of the most cost-effective things you can do in your home. It is simply a matter of pulling out your old filter, buying one of the same size and replacing the old one with the new one. It can be done in minutes and for just a few dollars.

Fixing or Replacing a Sink Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal has stopped working, it may be a simple jam. With the power off, use a 1/4” Allen wrench inserted into the center bottom of the disposal to attempt to free the jam by moving it in both directions. If that doesn’t free up the jam, replacement is surprising easy. With the power off, disconnect the electrical wiring and disconnect the plumbing. Use the universal wrench (usually included) to remove the old disposal from under the sink. Reverse the process. The biggest challenge may be in supporting the weight of the new disposal while you are installing it.

Replacing a Light Switch or Replacing it With a Dimmer

With the breaker off, remove the wall plate and two mounting screws for the switch. Make note of where the wires are connected and compare it to the new switch. They should be similar or the same. Remove the wires from the old switch and connect the wires to the new one. Make sure wires are securely connected with the connector nuts or otherwise connected without bare wiring showing. Carefully replace the switch in the wall box and replace the cover. Turn on the breaker and your new switch should be good to go!

Plumbing Jams

Unless drainage issues are caused by root or physical damage to the drainage pipes, you should be able to handle the problem yourself. For sinks and bathtubs, problems are frequently the result of hair/soap clogs. These can be removed with an inexpensive small drain snake. Larger hand crank snakes are available for toilets for about $25. Insert the snake into the drain, “screwing” it up and down until the drain flows free again.

Fixing a “Running” Toilet

A toilet that constantly has water flowing can be annoying and expensive on the water bill. It is likely a toilet tank repair kit will fix it. These universal kits are available at a big box or hardware store for under $20. Shut of the water supply line and flush the toilet until the tank is empty. You may want to use an old towel to soak up any remaining water in the tank. Remove the water supply line from underneath the tank and remove and replace the old components with the new kit. Make sure all pieces are put in place securely, reattach the water supply line and turn on the water supply line checking for leaks. If you have no leaks, you are in business.

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